The Barolo VIGNA D’VAI is an emblem of Italian wine, representing the excellence of Piedmont viticulture. This wine derives 100% from the Nebbiolo grape, cultivated in soils rich in clay, silt, and sand. The vineyards, with an average age of 30 years, produce around 55 quintals per hectare, giving rise to a wine with a unique and unmistakable character.

The vinification process in red, with submerged cap maceration and daily pump-overs, is followed by fermentation at controlled temperature and prolonged maceration of 20-25 days. The malolactic fermentation, subsequent to the alcoholic one, gives the wine its typical soft and enveloping structure.

The Barolo VIGNA D’VAI is aged in small oak barrels for 15 months, then in 25 HL barrels for another 10 months, before concluding aging in the bottle for another 12 months before commercialization. This maturation process helps define the wine’s aromatic and gustatory complexity.

The Barolo VIGNA D’VAI presents itself with an intense and brilliant garnet red color, with slight orange reflections. On the nose, it releases a wide and clear bouquet of plum, violet, cinnamon, cherry, and licorice. In the mouth, it is full and harmonious, warm, with a persistent and pleasant aftertaste.

Thanks to its structure and depth, this Barolo pairs perfectly with main courses, white meats, and game, making it an ideal companion for a special dinner. A true tribute to the winemaking tradition of the Langhe and the Italian oenological heritage.

Technical data sheet


Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita



Grape Variety: 100% Nebbiolo

Soil: 38% clay, 47% silt, 15% sand

Average Vineyard Age: 30 years

Average Yield: 55 quintals per hectare


Vinification: Red vinification with daily punch-downs and fermentation at controlled temperature, maceration for 20-25 days

Malolactic Fermentation: Sequential to alcoholic fermentation

Aging: in small oak barrels for 15 months and then another 10 months in 25 HL barrels, followed by finishing aging in the bottle for an additional 12 months before commercialization


Color: Bright, intense garnet red with slightly orange reflections

Aroma: Broad and clear with notes of plum, violet, cinnamon, cherry, and licorice

Taste: Full-bodied, harmonious, warm with a persistent and pleasant aftertaste

Food Pairing: It pairs well with main courses, white meats, and game in general.

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