The Ca’ Brusà restaurant offers typical dishes of the Langhe, cooked to perfection according to tradition.

"Un autentico gioiello culinario nelle Langhe! Piatti deliziosi preparati con ingredienti freschissimi dal loro orto. La pasta fatta in casa è semplicemente divina, e l'abbinamento con i loro vini di produzione propone un'esperienza enogastronomica indimenticabile"

Maria Fontana (Italy)

"A true taste of Langhe! The traditional dishes served at this restaurant are a culinary delight. The homemade pasta is outstanding, and pairing it with their own Barolo and Nebbiolo wines creates a perfect harmony of flavors."

John Smith (United States)

"Un ristorante incantevole che celebra la tradizione culinaria delle Langhe. I piatti preparati con ingredienti freschi dell'orto sono autentici capolavori. L'esperienza è completata dai loro vini di produzione, come il Dolcetto e il Barbera, che sono semplicemente deliziosi."

Marta García (Spain)

"Un vrai délice! Ce restaurant dans les Langhe propose une cuisine traditionnelle de qualité, avec des ingrédients frais de leur jardin et des pâtes faites maison. Les plats sont sublimés par les vins typiques de la région, tels que le Barolo et le Nebbiolo, produits par le restaurant lui-même."

Pierre Dupont (France)

"A culinary journey in Langhe! This restaurant offers authentic local dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from their garden. The homemade pasta is incredibly delicious, and paired with their own Barolo and Nebbiolo wines, it creates a perfect harmony of food and wine."

Li Wei (Cina)

Typical cuisine of the Langhe

We are pleased to welcome you to our cozy restaurant located in the heart of the Langhe, one of Italy’s most charming and renowned regions for its exquisite culinary tradition. Here with us, we offer you a unique gastronomic experience, with typical dishes of the Langhe prepared to perfection according to local tradition.

We are committed to enhancing the traditional recipes of the Langhe, passed down from generation to generation. Our chef dedicates time and expertise to ensure that each dish best represents the local culinary culture. You will be delighted by intense flavors, unique combinations of ingredients, and refined presentations.


Traditional and authentic cuisine

Our restaurant is committed to preserving and enhancing the traditional cuisine of the Langhe. Our chef prepares typical dishes with passion and expertise, using fresh and high-quality ingredients from our garden. Each dish is cooked to perfection according to local tradition, ensuring an authentic culinary experience.

Homemade pasta

Homemade fresh pasta is one of our strengths. With dedication and expertise, our chef creates artisanal pasta every day, offering a variety of shapes and accompaniments. From the classic tagliatelle to delicious stuffed plin, every bite will be a journey of pleasure for the palate.

Fresh ingredients from the garden

To ensure the highest quality and freshness, we source directly from our garden. Fresh ingredients, such as vegetables, herbs, and seasonal fruits, are carefully selected to offer genuine dishes rich in flavor. We are committed to maintaining a short supply chain, from the earth to the table, to offer you the best culinary experience.

Typical Langhe wines from our production

We are proud to offer a selection of typical Langhe wines produced directly by us. Our vineyard, cultivated with care and passion, allows us to offer you high-quality wines, such as Barolo, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, and Barbera. This enables us to guarantee perfect pairings between dishes and wines, offering a complete and engaging experience.

Cozy and authentic atmosphere

Our restaurant offers a warm, welcoming, and authentic atmosphere. The traditional decor and attention to detail create a pleasant and relaxing environment, perfect for enjoying a special evening with friends, family, or for a romantic occasion. Our friendly and professional staff will be at your disposal to ensure excellent service and an unforgettable experience.

Exclusivity of our production

As producers of typical Langhe wines, we are able to offer a unique and exclusive experience. In addition to the dishes on our menu, you can taste and purchase our wines directly at the restaurant. This will allow you to fully appreciate our production and take home a bit of the authentic tradition of the Langhe.



What to eat


Tasting of typical appetizers, 4 dishes

Tajarin with meat sauce

Ravioli al plin with butter and sage

Braised meat morsels in Ca’ Brusà Barolo

Seasonal side dish

Trio of typical desserts

Coffee and digestives

€45.00 excluding beverages

What to drink

Langhe Nascetta Ca’ Brusà

Dolcetto d’Alba “Vai” Ca’ Brusà

Metodo Classico Rosè (Nebbiolo 100%) Ca’ Brusà

Barbera d’Alba Superiore Cünca d’Or Ca’ Brusà

Langhe Nebbiolo Briccolino” Ca’ Brusà

Barolo del comune di Monforte d’Alba Menico Ca’ Brusà

Barolo Bricco San Pietro Vigna d’Vai Ca’ Brusà

Barolo Riserva Bricco San Pietro Vigna d’Vai Ca’ Brusà

Barolo Bricco S.Pietro Vigna d’Vai RISERVA 10 anni Ca’ Brusà

The wines of the Barolo territory

Our ambiance is elegant and refined, with a welcoming atmosphere and breathtaking views of the Barolo vineyards. The restaurant staff is knowledgeable and passionate, ready to guide you through the menu and recommend the perfect pairings between food and our wines, creating an unforgettable gastronomic experience.