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Welcome to Agriturismo Ca’ Brusà, an oasis of serenity nestled in the lush greenery of the Barolo vineyards. Here, you have the unique opportunity to sleep surrounded by nature, in cozy rooms that offer breathtaking views of the vineyards.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy our traditional “merenda sinora,” a moment of relaxation and indulgence to recharge after a stroll through the vineyards. For a more complete culinary experience, we invite you to dine at our restaurant, where dishes from the local tradition are prepared with passion using fresh and genuine ingredients.

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We are pleased to welcome you to our cozy restaurant located in the heart of the Langhe, one of the most fascinating and renowned regions in Italy for its precious culinary tradition. Here with us, we offer you a unique gastronomic experience, with typical Langhe dishes prepared according to local tradition with great skill.

We are committed to promoting the traditional recipes of the Langhe, passed down from generation to generation. Our chef devotes time and expertise to ensure that each dish best represents the local culinary culture. You will be delighted by intense flavors, unique ingredient combinations, and refined presentations.

Lunch or dinner at the farmhouse

Lunch or dinner at Ca’ Brusà is not just a meal but a sensory journey that begins with light and aromatic appetizers, ideal for stimulating the palate and preparing it for the subsequent delights. Each course, from hearty and comforting first courses to succulent and flavorful meat mains, to homemade and refined desserts, is carefully crafted to enhance seasonal local ingredients, transforming traditional recipes into contemporary dishes that surprise and delight.


Price: 45 / Per Guest

Lunch or dinner with 5 glasses of wine.

What makes the experience at Ca’ Brusà unique is the perfect pairing with our wines. With pride, we serve a glass of carefully selected wine to ideally complement each dish, offering our guests the opportunity to appreciate the deep connection between food and wine from the Langhe region. From the aromatic Nascetta to the robust Barolo, each sip will bring you closer to the essence of this land rich in history and passion.

Price: €58 / Per Guest

Only phone reservations are accepted at the following numbers:

+39 0173 78169 +39 348 8922634

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Our company is renowned for the production of fine wines, and we invite you to participate in our tastings, a sensory journey that will allow you to discover the aromas and flavors of the Langhe.

For those wishing to explore the beauty of the area, we offer guided tours of the Barolo region, allowing you to uncover the secrets of this renowned wine region. At Agriturismo Ca’ Brusà, we look forward to providing you with an authentic experience in the heart of the Langhe.

Gold Tasting

Welcome to our exclusive experience, the Gold Tasting. With a cost of only 25 euros per person, this event is dedicated to all wine lovers who wish to discover and taste the authentic flavors of the Langhe. The Gold Tasting will take you on an unforgettable journey through four of our most precious wines. We […]

Price: 30 / Per Instance / Per Guest

Prestige Tasting

We present to you the Prestige Tasting, a high-level wine and food journey designed for the most discerning wine lovers. Priced at 40 euros per person, this experience will immerse you in the heart of our wine production, allowing you to savor four of our finest wines. You will start with our Brut Rosé Metodo […]

Price: 40 / Per Instance / Per Guest

LangheTour Experience

We present to you the LangheTour Experience, a private tour designed for those who wish to discover the beauty of the Langhe territory and its wine treasures. Priced at 150 euros per person, this experience will offer you a total immersion into the heart of the renowned Barolo region. Guided by a local expert, you […]

Price: 150 / Per Instance / Per Guest

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