We present to you the LangheTour Experience, a private tour designed for those who wish to discover the beauty of the Langhe territory and its wine treasures. Priced at 150 euros per person, this experience will offer you a total immersion into the heart of the renowned Barolo region.

Guided by a local expert, you will have the opportunity to explore the enchanting landscapes of the Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its endless vineyards, ancient villages, and historic wineries. The tour will take you to visit two of the most representative wineries in the Barolo area, where you can get up close with the wine production process and taste the local excellences.

The LangheTour Experience will conclude with a visit to our Ca’ Brusà winery. Here, you will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of our production and taste the wines that make our company unique.

The LangheTour experience represents an authentic journey into the territory of the Langhe, an opportunity to appreciate the richness and diversity of the local wine heritage. We look forward to sharing this moment of discovery and pleasure with you. Remember to book in advance to secure your spot on this exclusive tour.


150 / Per Instance / Per Guest